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Pat Turnbull BSc. MChS. FRSPH

Pat qualified with a BSc degree in Podiatric Medicine from Salford University. She has vast experience of diagnosing and treating all types of foot problems, skin and nail infections and those associated with poor foot function which can affect the knees, hips, back and neck. She practices all aspects of general podiatry and chiropody, sports medicine, nail surgery, acupuncture, laser therapy, manipulation and postural assessment.

Pat is a Registered Podiatrist in both the UK and Australia and has studied with leading dermatologists in America where she has also spoken at several conferences. She is a member of The British Medical Acupuncture Association, The American Pedorthic Association and The Australian Podiatry Association.

During her time in the USA, Pat researched acute skin and nail infections specialising in verrucae treatments and she has an ongoing research programme about how to reduce falls in the elderly allowing many people to live active, independent lives.

Pat ran a successful private podiatry practice for many years in Cheshire before spending some time recently working in Australia where she wrote in a Q&A column for the popular magazine Yours. Today, Pat continues to write for the UK edition.

Pat’s podiatry practice covers the following areas: Henfield, Horsham, Horley and Steyning in Sussex.

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While Pat was giving a presentation at a conference in Albuquerque USA, she heard about Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH). Working with older people, many who suffer dementia, Pat discovered that up to 8% of these people could have reversible dementia.

Unfortunately in the UK, this is a neglected subject, even according to the BMA. Pat is now researching the subject in the hope that if diagnosed and treated the patient could return to a normal lifestyle. The way a person walks is the first prime symptom which could help identify a problem.

Pat has recently been invited by the American Pedorthic Association to give a presentation at the annual conference in November 2019 on Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. She is now a full member of The International Society for Hydrocephalus and Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders.



There are hundreds of foot and leg problems – are you suffering and wondering what the problem is? Send a photo (in complete confidence) to Pat with your symptoms and she will be able to give you more information and advice.

What is Telepodiatry?
Telepodiatry is a service that allows clients who have a potential or active foot problem to enjoy an initial consultation from the comfort of their own home.

Telepodiatry has been found to be an acceptable method of providing some aspects of podiatry care to clients. It is an excellent triage mechanism, and allows earlier identification of, and intervention for, urgent problems.

How does it work?
Clients simply take a photo of their foot problem on a mobile phone (or other device) and simply email the image to us here. We then review the image, assess the issue and offer advice and diagnosis. In most cases, it is likely that a follow-up face-to-face consultation will need to take place.

How can I use the Telepodiatry service?
Simply send Pat an image/images of your problem to  together with as much detail as possible as well as your name and telephone number and we will be in touch within 72 hours. OR complete our special form by clicking the button below.


Podiatry Services

Healthy feet… 

General Podiatry

I am a healthcare professional with a B,Sc in Podiatric Medicine who deals with diagnosis,treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of problems of the feet and lower limb. I offer general podiatry services to adults and children.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is light therapy. Cold laser has been used for may years to improve arthritic joints, nerve and musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, healing wounds and ulcers. Speeds up healing and is an effective method of pain relief. Efficient for treating verrucae/warts. The treatment is short, painless, non invasive and does not damage the skin.

Foot Manipulation

Foot manipulation can be very successful in freeing up stiff joints especially painful and/or arthritic joints. Manipulation can provide pain relief without drugs or surgery. The therapy can help put the foot in a better position

…while you wait!


Western medical acupuncture is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal problems including Trigger Point pain. It can be to treat a range of problems such as osteo-arthritis , plantar faciitis. trapped nerves,cramps and generalised pain. Acupuncture improves circulation releases cramped muscles and encourages the body to promote natural healing, improve function and reduce pain.

Verruca Treatment

Low level laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment for verrucae and warts. It is quick, effective with no side effects!

Luxury Medical Pedicure

All foot nail and skin problems addressed. All hard skin removed. Luxury leg and foot massage. Nail polished- plain or colour.



Other Treatments

  • Corns
  • Nails & calluses
  • Skin & nail infections
  • Ingrowing toenails
  • Nail surgery
  • Postural and falls assessment
  • Childhood foot and leg problems
  • Clinical massage
  • Care, Nursing & Day Centres
  • House calls
  • Sports Medicine
  • Correcting walking problems

Foot Products

  • Insoles
  • Orthotics
  • Comfort shoes for problem feet
  • Comfort socks for diabetic feet
  • Creams, ointments & sprays for all foot problems
  • Postural and falls assessment
  • Comfort aids

Podiatrist or Chiropodist?

Both terms refer to a practitioner who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions. The term chiropodist refers to the past Diploma in Chiropody which was phased out in 1993 and is now replaced by Podiatric Medicine, a university degree.


Did You Know?

  • Foot disorders in the elderly are extremely common and are the cause of much pain and disability, and consequent loss of mobility and independence.
  • 25% of all the bones in the human body are down in your feet. When these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of your body.
  • The average person will walk around 115,000 miles in a lifetime, that’s more than 4 times around the Earth!
  • During an average day of walking, the forces on your feet can total hundreds of tons, equivalent to an average of a fully loaded cement truck.
  • 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for their feet.
  • Women experience foot problems 4 times more often than men.

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