December 11, 2019 Pat Turnbull

Car vs Feet!

Have you ever compared your feet to a car? What do they have in common?⠀

  • Both get you from A to B
  • Both propel you forward
  • Both need high grade fuel to be efficient
  • Both need oil and water
  • Problems are caused by bad alignment
  • Symmetry should be correct or performance is affected
  • Friction causes wear on tyres and soles
  • There is friction on 3 surfaces for feet in shoes
  • Worn tyres or soles create bad performance
  • Abnormal tread patterns on tyres and shoes indicate excessive pressure
  • Tyres and shoe soles should give good shock absorption
  • Both a car and feet will give a better performance if serviced at least once a year⠀ ⠀

The difference between caring for your car and caring for your feet:⠀

  • Most people service their car at least once a year
  • Nobody would fit the wrong size tyres
  • If there was extra wear on one tyre the reasons would be diagnosed
  • If your car is neglected it will eventually break down or worse, have an accident
  • If your feet are neglected it can have a painful effect on the whole body


An example of the link between tyres and feet was when in 1947 the origin of Dr. Martens comfort came by using old Luftwaffe tyres left on an airfield as soles for the shoes. 80% of the first shoes were sold in the 1st year to housewives who discovered how comfortable they were.

If your car wears out or is badly affected by neglect, you can trade it in for better a one!⠀

Your feet are more important than a car as they have to last you the equivalent of walking halfway to the moon during your lifetime. Appreciation of your feet and the care you give them needs to start from a very early age before foot problems start to develop.⠀

If you don’t start to see the importance of your feet, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes! ⠀

Pat Turnbull, Podiatrist ⠀

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