November 26, 2018 Pat Turnbull

The foot bone is connected to the jaw bone

Do you grind your teeth? Do you get pain in your jaw?

Well it could be coming from the way your feet work.  Have you heard the old song ‘The foot bones connected to the   hip bone- the hip bones connected to the back bone’ ?

If you have one leg slightly shorter than the other, you could be getting uneven shock waves going up your body.

A leg length difference, however small is very common. You can check by standing with both feet flat on the ground, without clothes on with your back to your partner.

Is one of your ‘cheeks’ slightly lower than the other? Are your ‘love handles’ equal? Is your head straight? If they aren’t, this can be a cause of pain in the foot, knee, hip, back, shoulder, neck, jaw or head. Many people are not symmetrical and may never get any pain but some do. Women carry babies and young children on one hip – immediately causing a muscular imbalance. Men carry wallets in their back pocket. Children carry heavy school bags on one shoulder.

Look at your friends, television presenters and you may notice some have asymmetrical features – one eye lower than the other, one side of the mouth lower, and ear lobe higher than the other. These may be minute differences but enough to be caused by an imbalance – and it may start at the feet.

Your podiatrist or health profession will be able to check your posture for any asymmetry. The reason may be a muscle imbalance which can be treated by a physiotherapist. If it is bony difference, a heel pad can be put in the shoe on the short side.

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